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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
The idea that Preston had of replacing Flacco with Bulger is ridiculous. Flacco is 7 years younger and his QB rating has progressed to the 90's in his 3 years. Bulgers' QB rating regressed to the 70's his last 3 years as a starter. Bulger is a good backup but that is all.

As for Ben always winning against Flacco, again that is deceiving It is not like Ben has always played well or dominated in those games they were almost all close. And one game was highly controversal with the Steelers getting a last minute TD on a questionable TD awarded by the refs.

We've seen in the Super Bowl that past performance does not guarantee future results. Ben had never lost a Super Bowl or failed in a 2 minute offense with the game on the line in the Super Bowl until this year. Flacco was successful in leading

his team from behind to victory in the Heinz field regular season game this year. You can say Ben wasn't on the field but the Steelers scored more points at home against the Ravens than they did with Ben playing in Baltimore in the two regular season games. Also Ben wasn't playing defense, the Steelers had the lead and Joe Flacco led the Ravens to the winning TD in the closing seconds of that game.
With regard to Preston's observations questioning Flacco, he presumbaly has better sources within the team than you do and gets paid for making them - what non-financial income you derive from coming on to a Steelers board to praise Flacco remains unclear to me.

As for Roethlisberger's record against Baltimore - (1) led drive in last three minutes and threw TD pass to win December 2008 game in Baltimore that won division and secured first round bye; (2) made what Collinsworth said was one of the best plays of the year in avoiding the Suggs sack late in the December 2010 win followed by the hot read to Redman for the game winning score in game that ultimately won division and secured first round bye; and (3) threw a strike on 3rd and 19 to set up the winnning score in January 2011 playoff game.

I agree Flacco played well in the October 2010 game at Heinz. - of course all that did was set him up for yet again failing to get it done when the division and advancement in the playoffs were on the line in more important games later on. George Steinbrenner had a saying about Dave Winfield, calling him "Mr. May" since baseball reputations are made in the crucial late season games in which Winfield usually choked. When the season is on the line Flacco has yet to deliver against the Steelers - I gues Joe Flacco is the "Mr. October" of the NFL.

Here is a sampling of Flacco's record in games with the Steelers in which the winner won the division/secured first round bye or moved on in the playoffs

December 2008 - Ravens put up 9 points/no TDs - lost 13-9

January 2009 playoff game - Flacco pick six to Polamalu

December 2010- strip sack sets up game winning score when Ravens have ball with less than 4 minurtes left and probably just need to punt it away to preserve win

January 2011 - wounded duck INT and funmbled snap set up Steelers deep in Ravens territory to score 10 points to take lead

You are correct - Roethisberger's play is not the sole reason for his 6-0 record against Flacco - it is impossible to overlook crucial mistakes by Flacco in the four late season losses discussed above

Glad all is so well in Baltimore that the O-line coach was fired, the D-coordinator fled to a college job, the QB coach was fired, the players were bitching about Harbaugh practicing them too hard the week before their latest loss to the Steelers, and Flacco said the firing of Zorn disrespected Flacco's performance this season - given their preseason expectations I probably would be cleaning house as well if I were Harbaugh

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