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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Who cares what Preston thinks. Maybe he doesn't like Flacco for some reason, was rejected for an interview or something. Who knows. The idea of replacing Flacco with Bulger makes no sense. I believe in QB ratings as one of the best measures, and Bulger's QB rating dipped into the 70's his last 3 years as starter. That is why Bulger lost his job and I don't see him replacing one of the top 10 QB's in the league at his age.

Yeah the Ravens have made some changes, the offensive line underperformed and the OL coach deserved to be fired. Flacco was upset about Zorn being fired but he'll get over that. This will all be small potatoes by September.
The news today in Baltimore is that Harbaugh is being extended for 3 years. This is good news for Ravens fans.

The whole Ravens team underperformed in the 2nd half in the Pittsburgh playoff game. I believe this was largly due to an unfavorable schedule and fatigue. The Ravens had to play KC in a playoff game then go to Pittsburgh on 6 days rest to play the Steelers who had 13 days off after beating a weak Cleveland team the final day of the season.
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