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Default Re: Bigger Need for the Steelers: Cornerback or O-Line?

Before this season, I would have said O-Line. The way our patchwork line played well and our pass D failed at the end I'd probably say corner now. Would it be conceivable to keep Flozell 1 more year at RT and move Colon inside at RG where he started his career, then have Pouncey C, Kemo, LG, and Starks LT. I think this starting 5 could be pretty good for 1 SB run next year. Have Legursky to back up G/C and Foster and Scott to back up G/T I think we have a decent 8 man O-line.

I'm also hopeful that part of B-Mac's problems this year were injury related, but getting a good corner high in the draft is neccessary at this point. With more teams throwing 65% of the time on us an extra solid corner is a must.
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