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Default Re: LeBeau to sign deal to stay as Steelers' defensive coordinator

Originally Posted by bubbletownwr88 View Post
is it just me but is Lebeau's defense getting a bit predictable i mean if i can tell what he's gonna run right after the previous play i'm pretty sure the other team can. I'm not saying he should leave because he's a great coach, but switch it up a little.
Stale is more like it.

I don't know about anyone else but I for one am getting a little tired of watching even half-assed passing teams convert 3rd and 8's into 1st downs more often than not.

Sure, LeBeau's defense looks great against non-West Coast or poor passing teams which thankfully are still most of the teams out there. But good passing teams with West Coast offenses like New England, New Orleans, Green Bay and even the Jets ate our lunch this year and that has to stop otherwise every team in the league will just set up in 4 and 5 receiver sets and walk us down the field.

Le Beau needs to wake up and realize this isn't the good ol' days when all teams used a running game to set up the passing game. These days, offenses are very complex and the either / or approach (run or pass) isn't that simple anymore and just having a bunch of big guys up front isn't going to get it done. We need versatility and we need to be able to adapt to various offenses and stop depending on "zone-blitzes" (which everyone has pretty much figured out) and "run stoppers" to get it done.

I think we need to go in the direction of less bulk and more quickness overall and try to become more adaptable instead of trying to "impose our will" on everyone with overly complicated blitz packages which won't work if the QB gets rid of the ball before anyone gets to him, which has become the simple formula for beating our front seven.

I think everyone needs to stop looking at LeBeau like he's some kind of god and start realizing that he's got some work to do to get this defense ready to play in ALL situations, not just the ones we're good at.

(OK, I've said my piece --- flame away!)
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