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Originally Posted by bornaSteelersfan View Post
I don't believe that NE has our number. We were really hurt against New England and they played some vicious ball that game last season. I saw alot of blocks they were doing to us very low (they finally got called for only 1 in the game) and then they knocked out Hines Ward (that bastard Bilicheat even contested the catch on the play so Ward didn't get to continue his streak...very unsportsmanlike). We will kick their asses next season!
You can believe what you want, but there's no doubt that in the biggest games between the 2 teams, NE has owned us.
I'm sure Ravens fans don't want to believe that the Steelers have owned them either, but when they search deep into their soul, they'll come to realize that the Steelers always win in the big games. The Ravens big win against us came when our QB was not playing and the game turned out to be a pretty meaningless week 4 game.

Same can be said for us against the Pats, our 2 most recent "big" wins came in 2004 in the regular season, when they came back into Pittsburgh for the Championship game and beat us on their way to a SB and in 2008 regular season blowout in Foxboro against Matt Cassel, the year Brady was hurt and the Pats failed to make the playoffs. That kind of sounds familiar, a team only winning meaningless games or only winning when the other teams QB is out. Even if Ravens fans won't admit it.

Lastly, the Steelers have been to 3 SB's in the last 6 years and have avoided NE on all 3 runs. Maybe we would have won in the playoffs against them if we had to play them and this monkey would have already been off our backs. But recent history says we wouldn't have and I'm glad we didn't have to find out. Odds are, we may have had 1 or 2 less SB trips if we had to go through NE.
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