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Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
You can believe what you want, but there's no doubt that in the biggest games between the 2 teams, NE has owned us.
I'm sure Ravens fans don't want to believe that the Steelers have owned them either, but when they search deep into their soul, they'll come to realize that the Steelers always win in the big games. The Ravens big win against us came when our QB was not playing and the game turned out to be a pretty meaningless week 4 game.

Same can be said for us against the Pats, our 2 most recent "big" wins came in 2004 in the regular season, when they came back into Pittsburgh for the Championship game and beat us on their way to a SB and in 2008 regular season blowout in Foxboro against Matt Cassel, the year Brady was hurt and the Pats failed to make the playoffs. That kind of sounds familiar, a team only winning meaningless games or only winning when the other teams QB is out. Even if Ravens fans won't admit it.

Lastly, the Steelers have been to 3 SB's in the last 6 years and have avoided NE on all 3 runs. Maybe we would have won in the playoffs against them if we had to play them and this monkey would have already been off our backs. But recent history says we wouldn't have and I'm glad we didn't have to find out. Odds are, we may have had 1 or 2 less SB trips if we had to go through NE.
I don't call it avoiding, I call it the Patriots not being good enough to get to play us in those years.

2001, the Patriots get to Pittsburgh after the "tuck rule" win over the raiders in the Snow, then Bledsoe, not Brady, and the NE Special teams beat the Steelers and Kordell Stewart. That was a week after the Steelers had just beaten the Defending Champs Ravens. Ok fine.

2002, the Patriots don't even make the playoffs. Steelers beat the Browns and lose to Titans.

2003 Steelers Miss playoffs, Patriots beat Titans and Colts on way to SB.

2004. Patriots the #2 seed, beat the Colts again, then come to Pittsburgh and beat the Rookie QB by 14 points.

2005, Steelers beat Bengals, Pats beat Jags, Pats then lose to Broncos, Steelers beat Colts and Broncos on way to SB. Who's fault is that? We'd have beaten the Pats that year, I don't doubt it.

2006, Steelers miss playoffs, Cowhers lame duck season. Pats beat Jets and Chargers and then lose to Colts after having an 18 point lead.

2007, Steelers lose to Jags, Tomlins rookie year as head coach, Pats beat Jags and Chargers on way to SB lose to Giants.

2008. Steelers Beat Chargers and Ravens on way to SB win over Cards. Pats not in playoffs.

2009, Pats lose at home to Ravens badly. Steelers not in playoffs.

2010, Pats lose at home to Jets, Steeles beat Ravens and Jets on way to SB.

So really, its all about one game, that everyone points to, Ben's Rookie year. Big deal. Just cause the Pats don't hold up their end an win the same years as us, doesn't mean we were "lucky" not to play them.
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