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Default Re: LeBeau to sign deal to stay as Steelers' defensive coordinator

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
It's no secret the we're heavy on "Front Seven" philosophy and our secondary is weak overall. I'm not placing the blame entirely on LeBeau, but let's face it, he has a great influence on what kind of personality our defense has. Certainly it comes down to execution, but if our tendency is to emphasize the front seven, then perhaps we've been neglecting the secondary by default and that neglect leads to poor execution simply because the focus is somewhere else.
I'm siding with Merchant on this one. Lebeau's zone blitz philosophy is not a "front seven" philosophy. What you are seeing is a d-coordinator working to the strengths of the players he can put on the field. Lebeau's defense can be credited for the initial decline of the West Coast offense that was widely popular in the '80s. He knows what to do, but doesn't always have the players to pull it off. Also, I wouldn't consider Troy roaming around to be part of the "front seven" philosophy. Here's a link that provides a very good summary of how Lebeau's strategy has evolved (and we can assume, will continue to evolve):
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