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Wink Re: Your Top  Hated NFL Teams (Steelers Fans Only

Well first off I'd like to say hello to everone...this is my first post and I will be on here quite often. I am a huge Steeler fan and I don't know what I'm going to do in the off season this year...
Anyways, I think this is a pretty easy question for me to awnser...
5) Dallas (for all the obvious reasons)
4) Cincinnati...I am from Dayton Ohio, and I can honestly say I have never in my life seen so many fair whether fans...and they are the most ignorant fans I have met
3) Oakland (the main reason is my x was a Raiders fan, and we used to fight about football on a daily bases)
2) New England...I'm sick of this dynasty crap...I wasn't really alive for much of the 70s, but I have listened to my dad, and watch them all the time on ESPN classic and well...the Pats are not close to the Steelers of the 70s...and they sure don't have fans like we do...where were all these so called fans 5 years ago???)
#1) THE BALTIMORE RAVENS for so many reasons, it would take me forever to get into it...but all the true Steeler fans know exactly why!!!

I guess I would also add Cleveland to the list, however, they really never give us much of a challenge, and really in my eyes the rivalry moved to Baltimore when the Browns did...maybe one day they will be able to earn their spot on my top 5, but for now they are #6!!!

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GO STEELERS... I still luv ya!!!
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