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Default Re: Draft a corner.

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
NYT has the lengthy transcript of Mike Mayco*k of NFL Network discussing the draft

Q. Given what you said about the cornerbacks, do you view that is a position that will take at the end of the first round? And what do you think are the best positions for them to target at the end of the first round?

MAYOCK: I think corner and offensive line are their two most obvious areas of need. Pittsburgh is one of those teams that typically takes the highest rated player at their biggest position of need. And Kevin has done a great job with that.

Remember, these are my preferences. Pittsburgh might like the kid from Texas. They might like the kid from Miami. I happen to think the kid from Miami to me is a second or third round corner. He’s not a first round corner.

The kid from Texas, Aaron Williams, to me I’m still trying to figure him out. I’ve watched about three or four of his tapes, and he’s the guy that could fit in at the end of the first round.

Aaron Williams, I think would be interesting to them. He’ll tackle. He’s kind of a physical guy, bigger corner. He might be the guy that they look at. If it’s not corner, then I think it has to be offensive line.

I thought they did a great job keeping it together with all the injuries they’ve had this year. But they’ve got to go get one of those big tackles that I’ve already mentioned or get one of those inside guys. One way or another, they’ve got to upgrade the athleticism of the offensive line.

These were May****'s earlier comments on cornerbacks

After Amukamara and Patrick Peterson, there is a drop off. And I’m not sure the kid from Texas, Aaron Williams, and I’m not sure ‑‑ I don’t like the Miami kid up are there, Brandon Harris

The inside guys and tackles were discussed by May**** earlier in the conference call last week

Whether it’s Castonzo from B.C. or Solder or Tyron Smith or Carimi. Those four guys are all first round tackles....

And I think out of that group, Carimi’s probably better on the right side but could handle the left. I also think Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State is a guy that a lot of people have in the second round that probably could be a first round left tackle.

I think Pouncey from Florida probably is gone at that point. Couple of guys I’m intrigued by are Danny Watkin from Baylor, and Clint Boling who played tackle at Georgia. Both of them were tackles in college. Both of them I believe will be interior linemen.

Watkins is a Canadian kid who has only played four or five years of football. He’s got some upside. He’s a tough, nasty kid. And Boling is a better football player than I gave him credit for. I liked what he did at The Senior Bowl.

He’s probably more of a second round guy. But there are some pretty good interior guys.

John Moffitt from Wisconsin, another second or third round interior guy. He can play center or guard, and Rodney Hudson from Florida State is another guy who has played guard. I think he might be a better center to be honest with you.

I could give you a bunch of different names because, for instance, Marcus Cannon from TCU is a kid who played tackle. I think he’s better at guard. There is a small school kid named William Rackley from Lehigh who you could get from the third and fourth round, so I think he’ll be a starter in the league.

It’s a pretty good year for interior offensive linemen. You don’t necessarily have to get them in the first round.
His name is Mayock... why's that getting starred out on SFF?

Originally Posted by BehindSteelCurtain View Post
Our first round pick will be aaron williams....He's a true athletic freakk it looks like....

The more I think about it, the more I believe O-Line will be first. Corner is just deeper this year, and they can risk letting it slide until the second round. If Pouncey is available, we're taking him, for sure. I don't believe it's as impossible as Mayock seems to think. How many teams are needing a guard in the first round? Only teams that are pretty much already set everywhere else might do it.
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