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Default Re: phoenix 500- who to watch/ who will win

9 of 12 p.i.r. races have been won by someone starting outside the top 10. whats that 3:1 odds that a winner comes from the top 10?

with these drivers:

1 5 Kyle Busch
2 16 Greg Biffle
3 20 Tony Stewart
4 17 Matt Kenseth
5 99 Carl Edwards
7 2 Kurt Busch
10 48 Jimmie Johnson

plus 3 rookies rounding out the top 10, if im in vegas, i like those odds.

while the 5, 48, & 25 were in the top 5 in happy hour the #24 was in 33rd. after gordon said the texas run was the barometer of the season and where they were, i will not be looking for him to win his 1st race here.

the only driver who has won here at night was k. bush but hes in a completely different ride. seems like ryan is too, but other than daytona, im looking for #12 to have its best run of the year. im not looking forward to the lavendar and black car he will be driving.

bobby labonte has another top 10 run and with some luck could crack the top 5 (dont mean he'll have some luck though.)

you can count this as a track that roush drivers have owned but not owned exclusively. nothing but bad luck should keep jr. out of the top 10

bold prediction? truex is the only rookie in the top 10. j. gordon will not win and finishes within 4 spots (+ or -) of r. gordon.

darkhorses? mcmurray, b. labonte, truex, and C. MEARS

1. kyle busch
2. kenseth
3. j. johnson
4. g. b iffle
5. b. labonte
6. r. newman

very difficult to leave jr., stewart, truex, k. busch, m. martin out of the potential winners. that in itself shows this could be a good and unpredictable race.
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