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Default Steelers Fan Club of Germany

Greetings fellow Steelers fans,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the following new site in Germany that was recently launched to bring together fans of our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers abroad.

This site was created due to an existing and growing fan base both among Germans and U. S. active duty service members stationed throughout Europe, in particular Germany.

Furthermore there is a Steelers bar in Heidelberg, Germany that has been showing the Steelers live for some years now . With this in mind, a site was created to bring together "like-minded" folks as a venue to organize get togethers both during the regular season as well as in the off-season.

I wanted to post this in the event you folks have family living in Germany, whether they are students aboard, military service members or simply American family members living and working overseas, there's no doubt they would be delighted to find out about a place where they could enjoy the company of fellow Black N Gold.

On that note, here is the link and I thank you for your time regarding this matter.

God Bless the Pittsburgh Steelers and to promoting them globally!

Kindest regards,

Steelers Fan Club of Germany

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