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Default Re: New Mods & Input discussion Thread

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
this place is definitely over "stickied"

i think the draft forums are appropriately placed... war room = steeler draft talk ....NFL draft = general nfl draft talk...
I'm trying to figure out how to change the title on my own...but I'm computarded. I've been trying to find a good day to have Jon help me update a bunch of stuff (still), but one or both of us have been pretty busy either at the same time or alternating times, so it just hasn't worked out yet. I'm lucky to get a 15 minute conversation with him most days lol. Every time I think we're going to have a few hours or so to spend on it, something or other comes that's why I haven't said anything about it lately. Hopefully soon though.

I think some general articles about the draft are ok in the Steelers section (i.e. and article about why the Steelers prefer to use the draft over free agency to find players would stay in the main section whereas an article about looking at CB's early would be moved), partly because there isn't much other news and partly because they're not mock drafts and such....but everything else should go in the War Room or NFL draft section. I'll check to see if anything needs moved...I've been slacking the past week or so lol.
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