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Default Re: Harris, Pouncy or Sherrod?

the top 5 corners can all be gone before we pick and even if 1 drops who knows if he will do well in the NFL anyway. last year we all wanted Kyle Wilson. everyone thought he would come in and immediatly help our secondary. thank god we took Pouncey instead and Wilson went to the Jets. maybe Wilson will fan out but he had a horrible rookie season even though he played on one of the best defenses.

Peterson, Prince and Jimmy Smith can all go in the top 15 and alot of the top mocks have them there. i have also seen mocks with Harris and Williams going before we pick and if that happens and we dont trade up for Pouncey odds are we will grab an offensive tackel.

i know alot of people dont think we need a tackel but odds are Colon wont be back and this will definatly be Adams last season. there is also the need to drop Starks. he is one of the higher paid offensive lineman in the NFL and his play dosnt justify that salary. there is no way in hell Starks deserves to be paid as much as he makes. i like him and would love to keep him for about half the money he makes now but i doubt he will be willing to take a cut so we need to find a LT
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