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Default Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars: 的知 in it to win it. I want to win that trophy

Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars: 的知 in it to win it. I want to win that trophy.
March 7, 2011 8:45 am by Michael Bean

To be honest, I致e never watched one minute of Dancing with the Stars. I don稚 despise the premise of the show. I love to go out dancing myself in fact. Just never seen it. That will change this coming season when one of my favorite athletes of all time will be on the show, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward.

Ward joined WCNN in Atlanta to talk about how much of a distraction he thinks Dancing with the Stars might be, how good of a dancer he thinks he is, the process of how he was selected as a contestant, the preparation he痴 already started to put in, how he痴 been practicing as much as five hours a day already, and how he痴 still very skeptical that a new CBA will be reached before a lockout.

On how much of a distraction does he think being on Dancing with the Stars will be and how long will the commitment last:

的 don稚 think it will be too distracting. The filming, it goes all the way through like mid-May, June 1st. So it really won稚 be that much. It will be like 10 or 12 weeks or episodes. And for me, I get to start off early with my training camp.

Just how good of a dancer is he?

徹h, I like to cut up the rug at the club. But I致e never ballroom danced before. That痴 a whole other level itself. The good thing about is nobody痴 ever ballroom danced before.

On how he got on the show was he contacted or did his associates approach the show:

添eah my marketing team came to them and they threw my name in the panel.
And with a lot of hard work and negotiation and stuff like that, they thought I壇 be a pretty good fit for the show. So when they came to me and asked me, I really didn稚 know because when you see it on television you say oh I can do that. But I致e started, I知 on my third day of practice and I don稚 know what I致e signed up for. You池e hitting the uncertainty or the unknown areas. But all in all, It痴 going well. I致e got a great partner, she痴 very encouraging. We池e almost halfway through our whole routine so things are looking good.

After hearing about how much practice he痴 been doing (up to five hours some days), Ward was asked if he is married?


But would he agree that it might be awkward to spend that much time around a beautiful woman if he were married?

哲o, it痴 not like that. Kim [Johnson, his dancing partner] is cool. You know, at first, it was just a respect trying to feel each other out. It痴 like a cool relationship because she痴 from a different country. Last night she said I had to throw my hand back, and I was like oh kind of like you池e going to pimp slap someone. She didn稚 know what that was. She was like pimp, what痴 a pimp? So it痴 just a good relationship. I知 going to be with her for a long time, hopefully all the way until the championship. So I would never cross the line as far as jeopardizing our relationship. I知 in it to win it. I want to win that trophy.

Whether there痴 a first dance or first few dances that he痴 preparing for right now:

的 can稚 reveal the first dance, but it痴 definitely something that I致e never come across before. But I知 picking it up pretty fast. You know, it痴 easy because we池e looking at ourselves in the mirror so it痴 like a whole day using that mirror to try to get synchronized to make sure we池e on the same page and same beat so it looks good on television.

Whether it is as good a workout as some say it is:

的t is. It definitely is. Just going through the whole workout, it痴 definitely the shoes. I get a better understanding and new found respect for all the ladies who wear high-heeled shoes. It痴 amazing what they go through. So almost every night I知 soaking my feet for precautionary reasons, because I知 starting to feel the soreness on the balls. So I understand what all the females go through when they go out and purchase that new pair of shoes.

If he thinks the CBA extensions are a sign that a new deal is close to getting done:

哲o I don稚 think so. To be honest with you, it seems like you keep adding on time for nothing. So I understand they池e adding seven days to get something done, but it shouldn稚 have to come down to this anyway. Right after the Super Bowl, they should have locked themselves in a room and gotten a deal done all the way up until the deadline. We would have had a new deal. But to sit there and keep extending it for a day, and then talk about extending it for another seven or ten days, that right there shows me we池e so apart that it痴 not even worth the time. To be honest, we don稚 know. I don稚 know really when football is going to happen. For me, I知 staying in shape. I知 enjoying Dancing with the Stars. I think the closer we get towards the season next year, that痴 when the pressure will be added on to it. But it just messes up the guys in the draft, because if you池e drafted you can稚 even talk to the coaches or the staff until the deal gets done.So it just mess everything up. If we didn稚 get a deal done, coaches would have to take pay cuts, people are going to get laid off, all the free agents are stuck in limbo because they don稚 really know what痴 going on. So it just messes everything up. But I don稚 foresee getting it done before when the season starts or comes around and something eventually will get done around then.
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