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Default Re: New Official Pens Tidbits Thread

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Take from this what you will, but I am hearing A LOT of buzz about Sid returning. I know there's no official info from the Pens of course, but logically they would not say anything. The way concussions are, if he is making progress (which I strongly believe he is), there's no reason to publicly announce anything because he could revert back to square 1 at any moment during his recovery. They won't say anything until they KNOW he will be back, which probably won't be until a few days before it happens. If it means anything, they've also switched innto "dodge question" mode; Bylsma used to flat out say he still had symptoms whereas now he says stuff like "no new info" or "no comment"

I've heard from a few sources (none official so again take it with a grain of salt) that he has been symptom-free for about a week, if not more. To support this, he has been seen in public A LOT more as of late.

Also, Cassie Campbell of CBC reported today: "Crosby at rink this morning and back at game today...he has been shooting in Pens shooting gallery in dressing rm but has not skated "

Again, take what you will from all this cause I have no "official" info, but I'd put the odds at 75-25 he'll be back sometime in the playoffs whereas 2 weeks ago I would have said something more like 20-80.
Yeah, I caught a couple tweets today (specifically one from Cassie Campbell...and a couple others retweeting hers), saying the same thing. Haven't heard that he's been symptom free yet, though I'd love nothing more.

The latest "buzz" (aka WTF rumor...from some rag in Toronto) is that his family has been pressuring him to retire. His father and agent quickly spoke out against that.

I'm hoping he's well enough for the playoffs...but not at the risk of ending up like Savard. If there's any doubt whatsoever (which it seems there will be), I'd rather they just shut him down for the year and have him 100% next season.
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