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Default Re: My Steeler 7 round mock

Originally Posted by slashsteel
1. Donte Whitner FS or Lendale White RB or Bobby Carpenter OLB/ILB
2. Maurice Drew RB or Daniel Bullock FS (if White falls) or Jon Alston LB/S(If White falls)
3. Barry Cofield DT/DE Made for the 3/4 or Micheal Robinson WR
4a Martin Nance WR ( If we pick Robinson at 3 then BPA at DT/DE)
4b Jeremy Bloom WR or Skyler Green WR (both are return specialists)
4c Cedrick Humes RB (Short yardage back + good blocker)
5 Parys Haralson DE/OLB
5B Jason Hatcher DE Grambling State
6 QB Bruce Gradkowski or Qb Drew Olsen UCLA
7 Best available BYU prospect

I could also deal with Penn State CB Zemaitis, in the second if they planned on moving him to FS.
Pretty funny. I guess "Best available BYU prospect" is a Kiesel reference.

LenDale White will not be available in the second round. I watched enough of Maurice Drew to think that the Steelers wouldn't spend the second round pick on him - maybe a third rounder.

Pencil in David Kirtman in a 5B or six slot. He can play on special teams immediately until Krieder is ready to share some time. I would think Drew Olsen would go well before the sixth round.
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