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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Some of us think that there's a fine line between slaves and wage-slaves.
I hope there aren't too many that believe it's just a fine line. I've never been shackled, whipped and beaten, sold, imprisoned and forced into labor without the freedom to choose otherwise. However, I have studied history, including slavery, prisoners of war, apartheid, human rights abuses and class oppression. See, I actually enrolled, attended, completed assignments and obtained high grades in college courses that studied these atrocities (and have subsequently read several books, articles, etc as well just to keep up on these subjects since completing my college degree). It's insulting to anyone in the history of the world who had been in an enslaved position to think that these entitled and highly paid individuals (who society has consistently provided free passes for or a lowering of the bar when it comes to our laws, socially acceptable behavior and education standards) compare their labor situations with the plights of the oppressed. Just because you have to work for a living (like 99% of the people around the globe) doesn't mean you have experienced or paralleled slavery.

Anyways, I love football and love the Steelers. Yes, every now and then I think certain opinions are best left undeclared. And I say that knowing I've stuck my foot in my mouth numerous times. Maybe they should have drawn a parallel between football players and gladiators.
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