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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

Well, folks, it is easy to hate on the players because they are more successful and make more money than us. But lets stop to think for a minute.....keep in mind, I am not taking either the owners' or players' side-- I know nothing about all this financial talk so am not qualified to have an opinion.

But I think some of yall are attacking this thing from the wrong angle....I detect a definite sense of "eating the rich". Let me make an analogy using my own life as an example....


I was recently informed by my boss (offline), that my promotion he put me in for this spring, was approved by our HR department (and there was much celebration at home!). Since being hired on in April 2008, I have gotten nothing except 4.0 or greater evals, have nothing but he utmost respect from all my coworkers, peers, customers, and superiors. I am the silent employee who never complains, but is currently leading his whole group (of about 14 people) in trouble-ticket closures, by a huge margin, and always willing to help out a coworker. When they want things done right, they assign it to me.

IOW, I am a model employee. It was pretty much a known fact among all my peers that my promotion was overdue by about a year and a half.

Today, my boss informed me that all promotions for our department were pulled for this review cycle. So I will remain a junior engineer for at least another 6 months.....

If I had a union, I would go on strike and decertify or whatever too (like I said, I am not up to speed on all the NFL financial mumbo-jumbo). I got screwed, with no KY or Vaseline. Hey, but at least our company has more money to spend on opening more manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan though....

Case in point? I made in the vicinity of $65-70k last year, great benefits, stock options, retirement fund, etc. Nothing to brag about at all, but it is more than a LOT of people in the U.S. make in a year (more than anybody in my family ever made-- I came from a poor, rural Pennsylvania family). I am always thankful for the great job and all the other blessings I have, but make no mistake-- I AM PISSED OFF, and with good reason.

However, what do you think would happen if I went on Twitter and started complaining about my plight, knowing that a bunch of out-of-work farmers and midwesterners from Iowa would be reading my Tweets? I bet you, I would hear a lot of the same things Mendenhall is hearing from his jealous fans right now....."heck, I wouldn't be complaining if I were making that kind of money...."

Some of yall are bagging on the players because they make millions of dollars-- wrong reason. Keep in mind the next time you complain about the treatment you get from your employer, that there are millions of people in Africa that would gladly trade places with you and will feel no sympathy when you complain about how your employer treats you.

Are we to assume that anyone who makes more than $_____ per annuum cannot complain when their employer tries to give them the shaft? Where do we draw the line? What is the minimum salary that is required for your complaining/going-on-strike rights get revoked by the public opinion?
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