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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I'm not jealous of Mendy...ok, maybe a little, because I'd love to have that kind of money handed to me. But he is talented and he did work hard to get where he is today. I can respect that.

Saying what is happening parallels slavery though? Come on. Kirklandrules described it perfectly by saying that the comparison is extremely weak and that pretty much anyone who's ever had a job could make the same parallels (i.e. being "put up on the chopping block" when being evaluated for a job and during your job, bosses and owners making more than you do). That's about where the similarities end though.

I don't know what "big words" he would plan on using to justify making the comparison, but they wouldn't matter IMO. It was an ignorant, delusional thing to say. It'd be an ignorant, delusional thing for any normal American worker to say.

Of course not. But would you ever compare the situation you described as being parallel to slavery? To me, that just makes people feel even less sorry for you, no matter what amount of money you make.
I definitely hear what you are saying, SCMOM. Mendy & Peterson should have used some different terminology.....clearly, "slavery" was not the correct term of their situation. The whole "big words you wouldn't understand" did not help him out either....chances are, a large majority of us are a HECK OF A LOT brighter than the average NFL football player....
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