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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Slave comparison....hardly. Maybe a comparison to US Auto workers is closer.

Union environment, both make relatively good money and had good benefits. UAW employees had it so good that their benefits were crippling their employers ability to be competitve and profitable, so it all came tumbling down.

The NFL players have it so good that their employers think they are making more and demanding more than they deserve, so they have been locked out. The owners are nowhere near becoming bankrupt like the automakers though.

Many that lost their jobs in the auto industry had to find work somewhere else. The NFL players can do that in the Arena league or use their college educations to find gainful employment.......but we all know that wont be necessary because they either made more than the average man will in a lifetime, or will be back playing football in 6 months.

IMO if the NFLPA are being treated like slaves, so were the GM employees making $80/hour putting in windshields all day. That is just my opinion though.
Auto workers don,t make $80 an hour. You've been listening to Andrew Ross Sorkin to much. As far as being treated like slaves they're no nor is an NFL player. Employees in both groups can walk away any time they want. Also the credit crunch hurt the auto makers both American and Japenese not the unions.
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