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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

In Mendenhall's defense, I think I've heard somebody complain that they were being treated like a slave at every job I've had. It's something people say, but most of us aren't famous and it doesn't matter what we say about our own jobs.

However, it is really offensive to hear some multi-millionaire draw parallels between his own situation and the situation of slaves.

Not to mention the problem of calling it "modern day slavery." I'm pretty sure the modern occupation we can mostly compare to slavery is in fact: modern day slavery. Let's not forget that even in this country there are people existing as slaves (sex slaves, child slaves). Chinese women escaping to what they thought would be better lives end up in forced labor in U.S. owned islands in the Pacific, forced to abort their babies and other horrible things.
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I think so too, but there are about 50 players rumored to be first round draft choices so far. someone has to fall...
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