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Default Re: Mendenhall backs Peterson's 'slave' comment

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
It's not ridiculous. He's right on the mark that there are parallels. Players are poked, prodded, weighed, measured, bought, sold and traded like cattle. And they have little if any recourse should they object to any of it. If they balk or complain about being traded to a wasteland like the Oakland or Cincinnati, they are labeled prima donnas by the fans and the media.

And that's just the commodity aspect to it. As workers, they have little control over their labor, their workplace or their product. Weenies like Goodell have taken that away completely, and it's only getting worse all the time. Just sit back and watch the arbitrary installation and enforcement of rules from here on out. When Polamalu suggested a panel of past and current players sit in on rules enforcement discussion, the resounding "NO!!" from New York was deafening. How dare he suggest that players have input in their own field!

Now, do they make a butt-load of money? Sure they do. That doesn't negate everything else. Also, it bears mentioning that the average NFL career is three-and-a-half years long, which is a rookie contract... which is precisely what the owners want to limit. Four years' worth of league minimum is less than I'm going to make in my career punching a clock.

Then they're screwed, not only because they are physically damaged when they leave, but because their focus has been singularly on football their entire lives, and their coaches have been complicit in this. That's why slimeballs like Tressel, Carroll, Kelly and probably just about every Division I head coach in the country should be fired immediately if their players don't get real degrees with real grades.

Which is off-topic. Sorry. There are parallels, and the money doesn't erase that fact.
come on, they have a choice and thats all that matters here. they choose to do this. nobody makes them. they dream and work there entire lives to be were they are and nothing is a surprise
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