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Reviving this seemingly "dead thread", Barry Bonds' trial began today. They are putting him on trial for perjury. The problem is that they first have to prove that he even TOOK steroids. The tests they got from BALCO say he tested positive in 2000 (steroids were outlawed in 2003). However, the samples do not have his name on them. He never tested positive for steroids during his time with MLB. Then they have to prove that he knew he took them. I loved Barry Bonds as a Pirate and will always be heartbroken that the Pirates couldn't afford to pay him the salary he deserved. It still hurts that we lost the NLCS in '92 and then lost Barry as well as all other chances since then to be a contender. I believe Barry Bonds will be exonerated and eventually make it to the Hall (without an asterisk).
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