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Default Re: Davon House ---> Ricardo Colclough?

Originally Posted by bubbletownwr88 View Post
Davon House is listed on many people lists as possible players for the Steelers to draft in the second round. I'm all for small school picks but not mostly 2nd round picks. They are all boom or bust kind of guys. Davon House looks good on film, but so did Ricardo Colclough some things just don't translate very well. I'd be fine with this pick if it were later in the draft in the fourth round or later, but that won't happen. If it were a pick in the later rounds a small school guy I'd definitely pick someone like Buster Skrine from Tennessee Chattanooga. Opinions?
I'm for Buster Skrine too. Here is an article saying that the Steeler's are bringing him to their facility as one of the 30 players
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