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Default Re: Expecting the Unexpected: What if the Steelers trade up for someone not named Pou

Final Word:

As far as all of these prospects are concerned I wouldn’t mind if the Steelers front office made a play for any of them. They all have something to contribute to the team. Prince Amukamara is basically a pipe dream. The cost involved in trading into the top ten would be too much for the Steelers to consider no matter how good he is or how dire the need. Of all the Offensive Tackle prospects with a first round grade Gabe Carimi fits the style of lineman the Steelers seem to prefer. If Willie Colon isn’t resigned the position does become a more important need. He could start right away on the right side, leaving Flozell Adams as the top back-up, and could possibly play on the left side depending on how quickly he develops.

When people think of the Steelers they think of defense. That’s just the way it’s always been and always will be. If the Steelers do make a big trade to move up the draft board it’s more likely going to be for a defensive stud, and not necessarily for a Cornerback. While I agree that the position does need to be addressed that fact remains that in the Steelers 3-4 zone defense a Cornerback just isn’t as important. As long as Ike Taylor resigns I would be fine with the Steelers waiting until the second or third round to address the position as long as the players they took first were worth it.

The defense is predicated on pressure and as such trading up for Cameron Jordan or Phil Taylor makes a potential trade-up more valuable even though both players may not make an immediate impact. I believe Cameron Jordan is going to be a very good player, as does most everyone else, and with so many teams needing a 3-4 Defensive End it’s going to be tough to get him. As with Prince Amukamara the price may be too much, although in the long run it could be worth it.

As stated in my player profile I’m also a big fan of Phil Taylor’s. I think that with the athletic ability he possesses in addition to his mammoth size he could give the Steelers a big (both literally and figuratively) weapon to use. If he makes it past Kansas City the price may be right to trade up without mortgaging the rest of the draft to do so.

Having said all of that I still would be happy if the Steelers traded up for Mike Pouncey. Unlike most I’ve tried to keep my expectations realistic about his potential. Just because his twin brother was able to start right away and earn a Pro-bowl invite in his first year doesn’t mean that he will, of course he could too. At this point it’s all speculation. All I know is that the Steelers have been pretty good at picking good talent in the first round and they’re not going to be slaves to need. So come draft day it could be anyone of the player’s mentioned above or someone else entirely.

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