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Default Re: Expecting the Unexpected: What if the Steelers trade up for someone not named Pou

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I honestly think, if we take Mike he could be a Pro Bowler, but if anybody else does they will be a bit underwhelmed by his play. Chemistry factors in a lot to Oline play, and I think those two playing next to each other would make both of them that much better. But by themselves, Maurkice is still a great talent but you could tell when he was alone at Florida this year Mike just isn't on the same level. He's still good, but not "Maurkice" good.
That's a great point, Phantom. Chemistry on the O-line is definitely important. And that alone might make Mike a better fit with the Steelers than with another team. But I'm still hesitant to assume he's our best option.
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