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Default Re: The Greatest Story Ever Told

there was some crazy shit that was about to go down. I know why you two want to talk to me. I have answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet. You ... the silly looking one on the left, your name is B-Dub, right?" B-Dub shook his head in confirmation. Mach continued: "Your old college buddy, Wally, is going to visit you a few years from now after you get out of here. He's going to be asking about me. I want you to tell him everything I'm going to tell you now. But he's not to tell anyone else. Understand?" Again, B-Dub shook his head in confirmation. MoP just continued to eat his oatmeal, and pretend that he wasn't really paying attention. But he was. And he listened intently to every word of Mach's story. One day, MoP thought, this information would be priceless. ...

Wally pulled into the driveway of a ranch-style house. He hadn't talked to his old buddy B-Dub in a long time. And he felt awkward just dropping ...
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