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Default Re: Expecting the Unexpected: What if the Steelers trade up for someone not named Pou

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I'm not convinced that Mike is going to be the same player that Maurkice is. Just because they're twins doesn't mean they're identical in every aspect. Would Mike still be such a "hot commodity" if Maurkice didn't have a successful rookie season?
Neither am I.

Maurkice left a year early to give his bro a shot at starting center at Florida... Early on he was aweful. High snaps. Inconsistency. It took him almost 3/4 of the season to get comfortable. He is very athletic, and would be a pretty good guard for the pulling type plays the Steelers enjoy running. He could definately have that unspoken chemistry with his brother, but if doesn't slide to the mid-20's... we won't reach any higher.

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