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Default Re: Steelers 4-3 defense

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Keisel's a RDE. Why would we move him to the left?

Woodley's a weakside linebacker. Why would we move him to end, and on the right?

Timmons is our fastest, most athletic linebacker. Why would we have him just bull-rushing from the right?

Your post is idiotic. Why would I bother responding to it?

Huh? Half this post doesn't even make sense.

In a 4-3 your OLB aren't bullrushers. The ends rush the QB ala Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Your OLB's can blitz, read and react to the run, drop into coverage on a back or TE. Think Lance Briggs.

I called Woodley the RDE because he'd be the end coming from the blind-side between him and Keisel. RDE lines up on the blind-side over the LT.... Hello

Keisel is NOW a RDE because he plays over the LT. He would generally play over the RT at end in the 4-3. Thus LDE.

As for Timmons... you can figure that out now.

I can provide links that explains this for you if you'd like.

Just because I'm new to the board don't confuse that with being new to football or to the Steelers for that matter.

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