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Default Re: Steelers 4-3 defense

Look, guy:
  • 5 of the top 6 defenses last year were base 3-4 defenses, and two of those made the Super Bowl.
  • The Steelers are habitually in the top-5 employing a 3-4.
  • Defensive linemen are more expensive than linebackers, making the 3-4 (normally) less expensive to piece together than a 4-3.
  • 3-4 ends are, furthermore, less expensive than 4-3 ends, making it even cheaper. [Although 3-4 NTs are not only pricey, but very hard to find]
  • All of our personnel on D are thoroughly trained in working within the 3-4, and just as it took them all one, two or (as with Timmons) even three years to learn the system, it would take them the same amount of time to unlearn it.
So it works exceedingly well, and it's cheaper, and we'd suck while transitioning out of it. Why exactly are we likely to see them abandon this formula "within 2-3 years"? I hasten to point out that basically you're saying it's going to happen immediately, since you agreed that Keisel and Smith will in truth be gone in 2-3 years, and clarified that in the meantime they will be "fine" for the 4-3.

Which "half" of my post doesn't even make sense, by the way? The half where I'm asking why I'm responding to you?
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