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Default Re: Jimmy Smith???

Ras I Dowling > Jimmy Smith....if any of you remember last draft....there was a lot of speculation that Dowling would be a 1st round lock if he had came out....his teammate got drafted by the Vikings w/ the 34th pick if I remember correctly. (they were similar in size but not on tape because Dowling was the better prospect)

I heard a lot of good thing regarding Dowling since last that he was one of the premier cb coming out but this last injury pleagued season has really hurt his stock...I really didn't hear much about Jimmy Smith until this year or atleast I didn't hear anyone speak highly of him last year compared to Ras I Dolwing. If Dowling can stay healthy...I think he is a steal late in the 1st or maybe even early 2nd if we trade down....

By the way Dowling was said to run a 4.36/4.37 at his pro day with 19br & 38" verticle....some reports had him at 4.33 via twitter....idk I've been on this guy since last year and I hope it finally happens....I think this guys injury plagued years are behind him....I you think about it...he's barely getting healthy and he's running a 4.3 40! thats insane considering he's 6'1 3/8" 200lbs.....mike wallace ran a 4.33 at the I think this guy should be the pick in the 1st or early second.....He reminds me of Ike Taylor 2.0 but with better hands(IMO).....

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