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Default Re: Terry Bradshaw: Memory loss affecting him in Fox TV role

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Agreed - it could be true but with Bradshaw who knows - maybe it is as side effect from the meds he is taking for his psychological problems?

My understanding is he decided to go public with this at his annual golf tournament press conference this week - last year the hook for media attention at the golf tournamenyt was Bradshaw ripping Roethlisberger after Miledgeville - this year he gets on the media bandwagon focusing on concussions

Bradshaw did take some brutal hits to the head - I recall at least 4: knocked out early in 1972 AFC championship game (he returned); knocked out late in 1975 AFC championship game; knocked out on TD pass to Swann in 4th quarter of Super Bowl X; and planted head first by Turkey Jones in 1976 Steelers-Cleveland game (that could have paralyzed or killed him - he was out for 8 weeks after that hit)
Not to mention some of the vicious hits he took from Noll before and after the games.
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