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Default Re: Why Doesn't Heinz Field Seem To Be As Big A Postseason Advantage For The Steelers

I think the 70's teams were just better. They were more dominant. The 2000's Steelers have been very good, but not dominant at all. The 3 year's they went to the SuperBowl they weren't the #1 seed in any of those years. They are always in the hunt, but never a clear favorite. Heinz is a little quieter than 3 Rivers, but this years playoffs cranked it up a notch on the noise level with the extra 4k seats in the open end. Those seats also closed off the end so the noise stayed in a little better. This years 2 playoff games were definately louder than years past.

Ben has also made a lot of early mistakes in playoff games and has had to pull us from behind many times. He killed us in the 07 Jax playoff game with 3 picks in the first half and then rallied us late only to lose on the last possession. Very similar to the big game this year. In playoff games you are up against very good teams that don't make a lot of mistakes. If you make them first, you will find yourself down in a hurry.

Just to put in perspective, the Steelers are 7-4 all-time in the playoffs at Heinz Field. That's a 64% win %, which is pretty good vs. playoff teams even at home.
The Steelers were 13-5 all-time at Three Rivers. That's a 72% win %, which is very good vs. playoff teams.

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