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Default Re: Wow, Steelers at Ravens week one

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
I don't think the first one is. The Ravens are not going to lose their home opener to the Steelers. Not when John Harbaugh has all preseason to prepare and get the team motivated. The Ravens have not forgotten last years playoff game. I think It's Revenge time for the Ravens. And maybe the Ravens picked up some pointers from the Super Bowl too.
Huge game for the Ravens to open the season - with the post-season dissension within the Ravens after the second half collapse in the playogff game, losing to the Steelers again to open the season would be devastating.

Agreed the Ravens probably picked up some pointers from the Green Bay-Steelers Super Bowl. The way to beat the Steelers is to have a QB who can make the throws under pressure. But the Ravens already knew that from watching Brees and Brady beat Pittsburgh.

Of course the Ravens do not have that type of QB - they have Flacco. May explain why they fired their QB coach and are not giving Flacco the contract extension he is whining about.
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