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Default Re: Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 4.19.11

Takanobu Shimohata: On your recommendation in a previous chat I checked out The Fighter from a RedBox video rental machine near my apartment. I was very pleased with the film. The story was intriguing, the acting was superb, and the special effects, while limited, were quite convincing. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you have any other "Ed Picks" that I might check out?

Ed Bouchette: You might want to check out another Mark Wahlberg film, Invincible, in which we co-starred.

StillSad: Will this lockout continue to hurt the league once its over? Its hard to tell in this chat or from the news, but there is not much talk around town or in our lives about the stillers, and that is a shock!

Ed Bouchette: Maybe you should see that as a welcome if forced break so you can pursue other endeavors.

#1 EdFan: Great chat as always Ed! How would you feel if I told you that I truly believe that the OL is their only true position of need and taking a DB to add to an already top 2 defense is crazy?

Ed Bouchette: That would not bother me one bit. OL is certainly a need, especially OT.

OnTheMend-enhall: Eddie, any chance you wanna meet up and talk Steeler football over a beer?

Ed Bouchette: Who's buying?

Jim from Biglerville: You've mentioned that the 4th need of the draft is wr, does that mean they go with a big receiver or continue to fill the depth chart with 6ft nothings??

Ed Bouchette: I think they'll look for someone tall and there are a number of them who will be available. Just remember the Danny Farmer pick; tall does not mean good.

Shawn: Ed, if Cameron Heyward is on the board at 31, do you see the Steelers picking him over these 3 cornerback prospects?

Ed Bouchette: It might depend on the CB prospects but, me, I'm going for Ironhead's kid.

#1 EdFan: Odds Sweed actually makes good on his draft position 3 years after he was drafted?

Ed Bouchette: Same as Bluto Blutarsky's grades.

Army01: Have the Steelers laid off any employees due to the current situation?

Ed Bouchette: No, and they have no plans to. PR man Dave Lockett left last month, but it had nothing to do with the lockout, the budget or anything else financial.

Shindiggers Everywhere: Will Dixon be a UFA after this season?

Ed Bouchette: It depends on what a new CBA brings or, if there isn't one, what rules they go by for 2011, if there is a season. Right now, you need 6 years to be a UFA. Old rules, before 2010, was 4 years.

Shawn: Ed, I personally don't see Harris being anything more than a average corner in the NFL, but i see Aaron Williams being a future pro bowler at safety. I would personally rather have a pro bowl safety than a average corner. Do you see it differently?

Ed Bouchette: An average NFL corner would be a big upgrade for the Steelers.

SellOut!: Ed Bouchette: AN AD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHAT?! Come on Ed, gotta talk to the boss about this nonsense!

Ed Bouchette: Yeah, I mean you people already paid a fee for PG Plus. What do they think this is, Sirius Satellite Radio?

Paul McCartney Baby!: Ed, do you listen to music much? Favorite band or concert you've ever been to?

Ed Bouchette: I hate concerts. If I never go to another basketball game or a live concert, I would be a happy man. If all 4 Beatles came back for a reunion at Star Lake and I had free tickets, I'd sell them.

steelernole: Wouldn't you rather upgrade the OL with Ijalana or Watkins than take a HUGE flyer in Brandon Harris. Talk about reaching because of need - that's how teams dig themselves in a hole.

Ed Bouchette: Oh, I agree. I'd rather take the big man on either side of the ball. And this kid you mention from Baylor. He's 26, a Canadian fireman who never played football. Told in order to get promoted he had to get his degree, he went to school, played football and is no fireman no mo. I like that kid, I like how he got to where he is. I'd take him.

Spanky: How long before we see an NFL franchise outside of the USA?

Ed Bouchette: The Bills play in Toronto each year and there's speculation they could one day move. Only other spot I could see to put one would be Mexico City. But they don't even go there to play in the preseason anymore. Maybe it's all those bodies that are piling up around the country.

Jim from Biglerville: Haha, P-G, classic! Any idea if a runningback could be drafted or is Dwyer the future backup in Pittsburgh?

Ed Bouchette: They like Dwyer but I look for them to find another too. Even Ben R. mentioned that to me during our interview.

Scott: Ed, I'm assuming the Post-Gazette will have the Steelers schedule in the morning edition. Is there any real reason I need to watch the NFL network to find out when the first game will be in the fall?
Ed Bouchette: Depends on what's important to you. If you plan to go to one of the games and want to know when it is, you might want to watch. We'll have the schedule for you at the same time on our web site. Plus, you might want to hold off on making your travel plans to see if there will actually, you know, be a season.

David: Steve Sabol, like his Dad, belongs in Canton. As a young man wasn't he the real voice of John Facenda through his writing?

Ed Bouchette: Yes. John Facenda merely read what was written for him. Great voice but not a real football guy. Steve is the greatest, always enthusiastic, always willing to chat, always interesting. Let's hope he can get through this serious health problem.

Ed Bouchette: Thank you. Overtime again. I have to get back to my draft board. Series starts Thursday. Remember, @EdBouchette on Twitter. We'll move our chat up to Monday at 1:30 next week because I have off on Tuesday.
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