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Default Re: Wow, Steelers at Ravens week one

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
I disagree that losing the first game of the season would be "devastating" to the Ravens
Sure it would be painful but being 0-1 would not be that hard to come back from.

Remember the Ravens beat the Steelers at Heinz field last year with Flacco leading the team to a dramatic last minute game winning TD. So even if the Ravens lost at home they could come back and even the score on the road.

Finally say what you want about Joe Flacco but he was ahead of Ben in QB ratings going into the last game of the season last year. And who knows what damage the Super Bowl may have done to Ben's psyche.

And I believe that if the Ravens had made it to the Super Bowl and were down by six points with two minutes to go, Joe would not have failed. I think he would have led the Ravens to the winning TD in that situation if he had been handed the ball with the chance to win it all. Especially against a depleted Packers secondary. Joe Flacco turned a corner last year in Pittsburgh when he led the team to that victory. (He did the same thing later in Atlanta, a last minute TD drive. but the team got ripped off on a subsequent uncalled offensive pass interference call against Atlanta at the end of the game)

At this point we don't even know if the game will be played but it if is I think the Ravens will be 1-0 after week one.
Weak would be your countless excuses for your teams loses and your numerous reason that they will win in the future. Your beginning to be like my brother in law with your prediction of a win every time against Pittsburgh and it not happening very often. With the Browns he picks them every time and he's right about 1 out of 12 times. I suspect you will pick them every time and will likely be right about 1 out of 3 times. That's been the case thus far and I don't see it changing much.
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