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Default Re: Can we win with our current corner situation?

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We can win, sure, but we can't beat the elite QB's. Only reason we made it to the SB was because we played Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez, had we played Manning or Brady our secondary would have gotten picked apart just as Rodgers did.

We can win with out current (and consistently bad) Oline situation, while getting another great Olineman would be great and all I view it as a luxury. I view improvement at corner as a necessity, even if only at nickel/dime positions for the immediate future.
Two of the three turnovers in the SB were a direct result of the O-line. Kemoeatu got man-handled on the pick-6. Legursky pulled and missed his block on the Mendenhall fumble (The TE Johnson also missed his block which is a good argument to look at getting a real FB). Yes, our secondary was beaten, but Polamalu looked flat-footed and leaning the wrong way on every play (surely due to injury).

Based on those mistakes, I must say we truly need to get the best possible lineman in the first round. There will be plenty of decent CB's later on because the top ones will be gone by pick 31.

Then I think we really should consider a legitimate FB at some point.
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