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Default Re: Wow, Steelers at Ravens week one

Originally Posted by Steeler4life1972 View Post
Bobby Jr...can we have an unbiased opinion from you for once...everytime we play the ravens you ALWAYS say they are gonna win but it hardly ever pans out when it counts. Give me some substance behind your thinking and I will pay a little more attention to you!
I disagree that my predictions don't come true. I predicted the Ravens would beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh in the first game last year and that came true. I predicted the Packers would beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl last year, and that certainly was a game which counts.

Let's face it most of these Steelers Ravens games in recent years have been very close games which could have gone either way. The Steelers have usually won, but at least some of this can be attributed to Lady Luck. Close NFL games can go either way, one play or one bad call can make the difference.

In my opinion, there is more upside to the Ravens this year than the Steelers. Historically, the team which loses the Super Bowl has a tough time the following year, and sometimes for a long time after that. And the way the Steelers lost has to be especially troubling, having a chance to win with a two minute offense against a depleted Green Bay defense, and not crossing midfield.

Also while the Ravens have some age, the Steelers have the oldest D in the NFL.
I also believe the Ravens have a head coach advantage. All in all, I think the odds are the Ravens will finish ahead of the Steelers this season (if there is one).

Anyway time for me to go and root on my Orioles against the Yankees. Time enough for this Steelers-Ravens debate in the fall.
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