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Default Re: Ravens Ask NFL Not To Play In Pittsburgh At Night. LOL

Look, when you are the Ravens, and deep in your heart you know you can NOT beat the Steelers when it matters most and when the stage is Large, you do what you have to do to Try and give yourself the best chance to win a game.

So the Ravens, had a little list of games they didn't want. I'll explain this to you as if I'm Ray Lewis working with the Raven Execs in trying to sucker up and kiss the Commish's ass into giving us what we need and want.
A. Not a night game (Steelers kick our ass at night.)
B. Not a road game (Steelers kick our ass at Heinz almost every time)
C. Not a National Game, (Can't be on the Big Stage with the Steelers, They Kick our Ass on the Big Stage)
D. Not a late season meaningful game (Steelers kick our ass in ALL Meaningful games.)

Ray: "So what does that leave us Commish?"

Roger :"Um...we can put the first game of the Season at 1pm, in your home Stadium? Does that work?"

Ray :"well sure! that sounds swell! anyway you can suspend Ben again for us?"

Roger "Um, no, and we need to make the 2nd game a Sunday night one, cause the ratings for that will be through the roof"

Ray: "Shit! Can you maybe have them play the Patriots the week before us? The Pats always seem to deflate the Steelers a little and we could use all the help we can get."

Roger "Sure thing Ray, we'll have the Steelers play the Patriots right before you. And you know what, We'll give you a home game against the Cardinals so you can warm up for the actual Hitting game with the Steelers, and then let you travel to Seattle to lick your wounds after the Steelers beat your ass again? Ok Ray?"

Ray: "Yeah great...wait...what was that last part?"

Roger "Nothing Ray, you have a good "snicker" Season ok?"
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