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Default Re: Wow, Steelers at Ravens week one

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I am shocked that John Harbaugh had the minerals and intestinal fortitude to actually agree to a home opener against us, I mean, after that whiner-ific tirade he put on a year or two back about "not wanting to go in front of THAT crowd in week 1"....I guess he feels safer playing us at home. Not sure why though, aren't the Ravens like 2-7 against us when Ben is starting at QB for us?
Actually, this was the most Gutless choice he had.

Think it over, its not a Night Game, cause we dominate at night, its not a meaningful game, meaning, there are no real playoff implications on the line weak 1, that'll be later in the season (when we usually step up and beat the snot out of those woosies!) and its at their Stadium, in the early Game. (Not enough time for the 10K Steelers fans to really take over the entire stadium by that time, kind of a relaxed atmosphere for the 1pm game vs the 4pm game)

its like, the Ravens get the One Game that gives them any and all advantages when it comes to logistics involved.

we all know, that if this game was Week 1, Monday Night at Heinz, the Ravens would already be bitching about starting the season with a Loss to a Divsional Opponent.

So here it is, here it is Ravens, Home Opener in the Afternoon, in a Non-Nationally Televised game, if you can't beat the Steelers in this one...well then...Fck You.

And guess what? Its gonna be a big FCK You Ravens when we go in there and beat their arses into total Submission!
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