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Default Re: Can we win with our current corner situation?

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
We can win, sure, but we can't beat the elite QB's. Only reason we made it to the SB was because we played Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez, had we played Manning or Brady our secondary would have gotten picked apart just as Rodgers did.

We can win with out current (and consistently bad) Oline situation, while getting another great Olineman would be great and all I view it as a luxury. I view improvement at corner as a necessity, even if only at nickel/dime positions for the immediate future.
lol @ Manning. Guy is a bigger myth than the tooth fairy. He is not a playoff capable quarterback and struggles against 3-4 defenses. There's a reason he's been to the playoffs 9 times and has been 1 and done in 7 of them. His defense saved him in his only SB year.

Brady and Belicheat are the achilles' heel of the Steelers. Not Brees, Manning or even Rodgers. Remember Rodgers had a TD given to him by Ben and had short fields to work with from the turnovers.
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