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Default Re: Anyone else surprised by how little you care about the loss?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Agreed that Roethlieberger's situation caused many casual fans to root against the Steelers last season - although #7 was not charged with a crime the Milledgeville event combined with the Nevada allegations and Goodell deciding to tee up Roethlisberger definitely created a backlash

But as has been the case with Ray Lewis (who pleaded guilty to obstructing the investigation of the Atlanta murder in which his crew was involved) with the passage of time my bet is the animosity directed at Roethlisberger will fade if he stays out of trouble and continues to win
I'd agree with that. Although I would add the animosity towards Ray Lewis due to the Atlanta trouble , that has never completely disappeared among some NFL fans. Likewise I don't think Roethliesbergers reputation will ever be quite as good as it was before the 2nd set of sexual misconduct allegations were made. Also many fans will look upon the 4 game suspension as evidence of guilt.

If Ben keeps clean then there won't be as many fans rooting against the Steelers for the reason of not wanting to see him win.. But it will take time.
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