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Default Re: Can we win with our current corner situation?

Our corners played well enough to win this year, but it is only time till everyone plays us like Green Bay and New England.

BMac...I don't know what happened to him in Arizona but I don't think he is a lock down corner anymore. I think he would be a really good Nickel and relief roll.
Ike...plays well at times, but he drops around 8 or 9 picks per year and has been suspect at times.
Gay...IS TERRIBLE. He stinks as a starter which was evident when he started some last year and was replaced by Townsend and he is TERRIBLE in the Nickel. New England's Gronkowski caught 3 TDs against him this past season.

We need to draft at least one or two young guys to breed and we should pick up a veteran if free agency gets underway...EVER.
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