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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

Originally Posted by 55BaileyFan View Post
A) That is not the play I was talking about the play in question was later in the game.

B) Ben had released the ball before the defensive lineman got to him and the contact was made after the throw and not during the throw. Ben himself acknowledged that he UNDER THREW Wallace and told the NFL Network that there was no excuse for EVER under throwing Mike Wallace.

Why does every Steeler fan defend Ben for everything? He can't do anything wrong to people. He throws two interceptions and we blame it on his line? Did anybody else notice that the pick was thrown into double coverage? Or that Nick Collins read it perfectly because Ben never took his eyes off Wallace.

I like Ben and I don't think we get this far without him but still. In multiple interviews he said that the picks were his fault and when his line was brought up he said it was not their fault. He also said that he should have paid attention more especially on the second pick.

So, before you want to insult someone about a play or watching a game...get on youtube and watch it over and over again before you post and make sure that you are looking at every aspect. The lineman may have got to him but Ben still had the chance to get the ball out.
What a load of bullshit and misdirection. Is it really worth addressing such nonsense? .
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