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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

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For real? Ben himself during an NFL Network interview said the hit had nothing to do with the throw. He also said in the interview that he under threw Wallace and that should never happen, EVER.

I am not doubting that Kemo got beat off the line, but it had nothing to do with the interception. Nick Collins read the play perfectly and cut the pass off at the perfect time. The ball was still off target, it was to the outside like it needed to be but it was about ten years too short.

Either way the game is over. Kemo got beat. The ball was off. The end.
Ben showed a true measure of class by saying that. He took all the blame on himself and showed a huge growth in his maturity by being as humble as he was after that loss. I am certainly not placing any blame, but we definitely need some help on the O-line.

I personally believe a FB wouldn't hurt either. Someone to stay back and move in for a block from time to time or give a better lead block for a RB. Pulling a lineman and a TE doesn't always work that well.
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