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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

Originally Posted by wootawnee View Post
This article sucks.....The DL made a play......Kemo is a road grader and is gonna be the guard for 8 more years at least.....Who comes up with this crap.......Thats like saying Randy White sucks cuase he got blocked by Mike Webster in the Super Bowl..
Meanwhile Randy WHite Is a hof er.........

I wont stand for this terrible crap......Kemo is one of the best guards in the league......

Kemo is a fat, stubborn turd who is horrid in pass protection. You saying he's on of the best guards in the league makes me vomit. He can pull pretty good in run support but that's it. Other than that, he's just a big fat guy who takes up space. I can name about 26 guards who are better than him in the NFL.
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