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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Mike Tomlin asked Ben "what happened?" shortly after the interception. Ben responded "my arm got hit." He even makes the motion with his hand when he's on the sideline.

Ben is known for covering from his offensive line's mistakes. That was certainly the case. Saying there's "no excuse for underthrowing Wallace" is a bunch of bullshit. He's the fastest or 2nd fastest receiver in the league. Of course there's an excuse for underthrowing him and he does it often.
In your opinion there is an excuse for underthrowing him. Ben has said multiple times that there is no excuse and the ball should be there. So, am I gonna take your word that there is an excuse or the QB who says that there isn't?

I'm going with the QB on this one.

Why is everyone so down on Kemo anyway? Until Pouncey he has been one of our better lineman. He has his issues on pass blocking but Pouncey has really helped with that. Max Starks has gotten a lot better as well but the right side of the line has always been an issue with our team.

We start with what lineman we need to draft and somehow get to a Kemo bashing fest with everyone who has watched the Super Bowl a million times. The thing with opinions is everyone has one.

Let me try to end this again, and get back to the subject at hand. Kemo screwed up. Ben threw a crappy ball. We lost. The end.

Back to the draft...I am a huge fan of Mike Pouncey (how awesome would that be?) but I feel that we could grab Nate Solder or Danny Watkins. I think Danny will be there in the second round but Nate might go before we draft.

Does anyone think that we will not take a lineman though? There are no real standout CB that will be there in the late second round. What do you all think?
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