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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
I was way highher on Kemo last offseason than I am this offseason. Like others have mentioned, he can be a beast when pulling but getting beat in pass protection and losing his temper and drawing stupid penalties outshadowed his positives this year.

I don't think LG is the biggest priority on the o-line though. Kemo is far more stable than the revolving door we have at RG (Foster was actually okay, but his legursky and essex aren't permanent solutions) and then we need some help at tackle. We don't have enough luxury of depth at either slot to dismiss Kemo right now, in my personal view.
I agree, I think at some point later we could upgrade from Kemo but I think right now that right side needs attention, we really need a corner and some young guns on the defensive line so when our big boys retire we have someone to step in. That is how Keisel got his job and I think we can build towards that as well.
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