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Default Re: Harris: Lining up to ink Ike

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
If we actually do lose Ike, we better be REALLY aggressive in the free agent market for once. We have a VERY small window to get back to the Super Bowl, like two years with the current guys, and even if we got Patrick Peterson in the draft (I know thats not happening just using an example) the corner situation would still be abysmal because no rookie is going to come in and anchor a secondary against top wideouts.

I'm not saying we need to shell out a billion dollars for Nnamdi (although if Taylor leaves I believe we should put eveything we possibly can into getting Aso) but we're gonna need SOMEBODY notable, talented, and experienced.
I disagree. _IF_ (and we know it won't happen) we got Peterson, he
would, indeed, hold up if we just had him play man. He is so
physically talented, that if you just ask him, "Line up on your guy
and cover him" he will be able to do that even as a rookie. He has
sick skills. He is also sick stupid, but if all you ask is to cover his
man, he can do that. Deion Sanders could cover, even as a rookie.
Peterson my not have _that_ level of cover skills, but he is still mad

Moot point, since we won't sniff that high of a pick.
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