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Default Re: Harris: Lining up to ink Ike

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I don't understand how this works. How can they "cancel" free agency
if the season ever starts. All the FAs have no contracts, hence can't
return to their old teams, period. No one is playing without a contract. If
the season ever starts, something still has to be done with all those FAs.
You can't just wave a magic wand at it.
From what I understand, they'd be forced back to their current teams on a one year deal with a 20% raise over what their base was in 2010.

"Jason Babin(notes) has won the gamble he took by signing a one year deal with Tennessee.

The defensive end racked up a career-high 12 1/2 sacks and earned his first Pro Bowl berth. But all his hard work may not pay off in a multimillion dollar deal.

NFL labor strife will likely mean Babin won’t be wined and dined on an owner’s private jet during free agency.

With the collective bargaining agreement expiring March 3, Babin and other would-be free agents face the very real possibility that they get ordered back to their old teams at the bargain basement price of 120 percent of their last salary. Play another season, risk serious injury. And wait."
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